The state will review claims that Tracy Unified School District failed to protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students from harassment.

The West High School chapter of the Gay-Straight Alliance complained to the district last school year about harassment against homosexuals. The district investigated those allegations.

GSA wasn’t satisfied with its conclusions this spring, saying the district was “sweeping problems under the rug.” Alliance President Justin Daley appealed shortly after to the state Department of Education.

Daley said harassment against gays at West High has decreased this year. He credited the district with taking steps toward make things safer, such as escorts for GSA at this year’s homecoming parade and adoption of a diversity advisory committee.

On Saturday, Daley received a letter from Sharon Felix-Rochon, director of the office of equal opportunity in California’s education department. She told Daley her office will review his complaints, look at the district’s investigation and let him know within 60 days whether her office will intervene.