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California Research:

If you are looking for our research briefs click here

The Safe Place to Learn report was released in January 2004 by the California Safe Schools Coalition and the 4-H Center for Youth Development at UC Davis. The largest ever study of harassment in schools based on sexual orientation and gender identity shows the problem is widespread, dangerous and preventable.

Read the Safe Place to Learn report press release.
Download the full Safe Place to Learn report or the Summary Fact Sheet.

Read media coverage of the Safe Place to Learn report.

Join the California Safe Schools Coalition to hear about future research!

National Research:

GLSEN's 2003 National School Climate Survey finds "a direct relationship between in-school victimization, grade-point averages (GPAs) and the college aspirations of LGBT students."

Human Rights Watch report Hatred in the Hallways: Violence and Discrimination Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students in U.S. Schools

Washington Safe Schools Coalition report 83,000 Youth: Selected Findings of Eight Population-Based Studies

National Mental Health Association Anti-Gay Bullying Survey Results

Research from outside of California:

The Bullying Report: How are Washington State Schools Doing? This December 2003 report of the Safe Schools Coalition of Washington and the Washington State PTA surveyed school districts to document the extent of implementation of the state's Anti-Bullying Act. The law took effect in January 2003 and covers bias-motivated harassment, including harassment based on sexual orientation and gender.

Washington Safe Schools Coalition report They Don’t Even Know Me: Understanding Anti-Gay Harassment and Violence in Schools

Training Tools

Training Basics: Training School Staff About Harassment, Discrimination, and the California Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act (AB537) is a training guide from the California Safe Schools Coalition.Stay tuned for the updated version of Training Basics in Spring 2007!

It's Elementary - Talking About Gay Issues in School (1996), the inspiring, award-winning film that explores how teachers can include discussions about gay people in their classrooms with elementary and middle school students. This film is a part of The Respect for All Project, a series of films and their accompanying curriculum guides aimed at k-12 educators and students to promote diversity and anti-bias education. Click here to download clips from It's Elementary.

Legal Tools

Read the California Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act

Legal Q&A Guides:
   Legal Question and Answer Guide for School Administrators
   Question and Answer Guide to California's Parental Opt-Out Laws

Find out more about school disctrict liability: see the National Center for Lesbian Rights publication Fifteen Expensive Reasons Why Safe Schools Legislation is in Your State's Best Interest

Tools for Students

Email us to recommend more student resources!

Visit GSA Network for help starting a Gay-Straight Alliance club or resources for your club

Visit the Make it Real project at GSA Network for information on what to do if you're harassed, a guide to organizing for change in your school, and stories of successful student efforts to fight discrimination

GLSEN has discussion forums for students and organizing tools for making your school safer.

Project 10 is a support program for LGBT youth in Los Angeles Unified School District.

The Queer Youth Action Team is a LGBTQ and straight ally advocacy team in Contra Costa County.

Recommendations for Schools and School Districts

Find out what the California Department of Education says about how to implement the Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act: Read the California Department of Education AB 537 Task Force Report

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